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High Strength High Modulus PVA Fiber

High Strength High Modulus Polyvinyl alcohol fiber is a synthetic fiber made from polyvinyl alcohol. It has good affinity acid resistance with cement. Mainly used for concrete products, such as proximate matter or sheet material, suppress micro-cracks caused by plastic shrinkage of concrete. It is become a new material to replace the asbestos as the reinforced material of cement products. It has soft and warm properties, especially the moisture absorption rate (up to 5%) is relatively high in the variety of synthetic fiber, so it is known as synthetic cotton. It has already been widely used in engineering fields railway, water conservancy etc.

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Product Properties

1. It has good mechanical properties, high strength, high modulus and low extension.

2. Strong acid and alkali resistance and chemical resistance.

3. Light resistance: under prolonged sunshine, the loss rate of fiber strength is lower than other fiber.

4. Corrosion resistance: the fibers are not moldy, rotten or moth-eaten after being buried underground for a long time.

5. Good dispersibility of fiber: non-adhesion of fibers and has good dispersibility of water.

6. Good affinity between fiber and cement, plastics, etc., and has high bonding strength.

7. It is non-toxic and harmless to human body and environment.



1.  As a reinforced material of cement products, high-strength and high-modulus PVA fiber not only has excellent tensile strength, impact strength, chemical resistance and cement alkali resistance, but also is safe and harmless to human body and environment, so it is an ideal asbestos substitute fiber.
It can not only replace asbestos to make high-strength decorative plates and other cement products, but also replace asbestos and cement concrete in the construction of water conservancy dams, high-grade highways and bridges, and greatly improve the tensile strength and tensile strain of cement concrete.

2.  As the anti-crack material of cement concrete / mortar and cement concrete / mortar composite, it can not only increase the tensile strength of cement concrete, but also reduce the microcracks in cement concrete and effectively restrain the propagation of microcracks.

3.  High-strength and high-modulus PVA filament strands are used as reinforcement instead of steel bars in the construction of water conservancy projects.

4.  Used as a reinforcing material for plastic products, for the manufacture of safety and riot helmets, etc.

5.  Instead of strong rayon, it is used to manufacture radial tire or inclined tire cord.

6.  It can be used as a reinforcing material for rubber products and for the manufacture of conveyor belts, fire hoses, braided hoses and so on.


Storage & Transport

Storage: It should be stored indoor in a well ventilated and dry room. Prevent exposure to dampness, sunlight and rain.

Transportation: During transportation, the products should be moved gently to prevent damaging the packing bags. Avoid direct contact with naked flame, when they are caught with a fire, use any fire extinguishers to put out the fire.




2.0 ± 0.25dtex


≥11.5 CN/dtex

Young’s modolus(0.1-0.4%)




Hot water solubility (90℃,1h)




Cut length



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