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Leading PVA Supplier for about 15 Years

Provide Flexible Solutions for Clients

Beijing BOAO is a long-established company and leading supplier and manufacturer of Polyvinyl Alcohol(PVA), PVA Fiber and other related chemicals. Our service and technical expertise ensure we are able to offer support throughout the process, from inquiry to delivery.

Our purpose is to provide flexible solutions for customers. Apart from supplying our own products, we can also help you source other chemicals. Our past experience in the chemical industry enables us to have abundant supply chains and establish a good relationship with many top suppliers in China.

Why Choose Us

BOAO acts the First Level agent of many large PVA manufacturers

First-level authorization means we can get very low price

As a leading PVA supplier in China, BOAO is the First Level agent of SINOPEC, SANWEI, WANWEI and CHUANWEI.

Thousands of tons of inventory reserves per month

As leading PVA company , we supply PVA in bulk. Each month, we will prepare no less than 1000 tons of series products to meet our customers’ need.

Large factory products guarantee the excellent quality

Large factory products mean excellent quality. Because we believe that providing real and reliable products to our customers is of primary importance

One of the largest PVA supplier/distributor/wholesaler in China


Main Industries We Serve

Today since the adhesion of PVA FIBER is stronger than casein, with better film-forming property and higher intensity of the film, the demand of PVA for paper processing is on the rise. Main applications: (1) binding agent for paper; (2) re-moistening agent; (3) paper surface sizing; (4) paper pigment coating; (5) papermaking (paper internal sizing). Applicable varieties: PVA 24-99, PVA 20-99, and PVA 1788 etc.

Polyvinyl Alcohol can be a de-characterizing agent of thermosetting resin mainly used as a binding agent such as carbamide, formaldehyde resin and melamine, for plywood, artificial board and timber processing. When mixed with melamine-formaldehyde resin, the PVA size paste helps increase the viscosity and shortens both curing and cooling time with stronger initial cohesion. Commonly used varieties: 17-99, 20-99, and 24-99 etc.

Polyvinyl Alcohol used as an addictive to cement and mortar for efficient increase of their cohesion and fluidity, and reduce the drying time for the concrete surface, thus increasing coating adaptability and preventing concrete cloth from chapping. Besides, due to its simple application method with desired effects, PVA is suitable for wall and ceiling decoration and tile facing.

The unique combination of properties has allowed for its widespread use in industrial adhesives. As leading PVA supplier with many years of experience about PVA adhesives application, BOAO understands and continues to develop specialty and unique grades for the adhesives market. From ceramic binders to adhering to substrates like paper and wood, our special grades improve tensile adhesive strength as a sole adhesive or as an additive.

Functional Polyvinyl Alcohol is now the most efficient synthetic sizing agent for warp paste with the following advantages:  Polyvinyl Alcoholmembrane has a good sizing effect and can improve the weavability of high-density and high-grade textiles due to its excellent properties of obdurability, smoothness, wear resistance and adhesiveness on fibers.  PVA series with medium degrees of polymerization and 90-97 (mol/mol)%  alcoholysis, such as 20-95 and 17-95, are applicable.

Proper oil well cementing with Polyvinyl Alcohol as a fluid loss additive has been successfully performed for many years. This polyvinyl alcohol additive contributes to cost savings and has shown no retardation effect on the cement setting time. Therefore, it enables fast and cost-efficient oil well construction. Advantages: 1. Reduces fluid loss during cementing within API standards. 2. Good compatibility with other cement additives. 3. Lower cost than other fluid loss additives

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